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Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago were police detectives in the fictitious 99th Precinct of Brooklyn, New York in the award-winning NBC sitcom Brooklyn 99. Jake started out as an immature but talented detective with a high clearance rate, and Amy was the competitive, organized control freak who would not let him win.

Over the course of the first three seasons, however, fans witnessed how they moved from being partners and friends to something more, and how being with each other was actually good for both of them: Jake was not as childish anymore, and Amy loosened up. Simply put, they made each other better.

They got married in the fifth season, and their baby Mac was born in the end of the seventh. At the end of the eighth season, Jake had left the NYPD to be a full-time dad, while Amy continued to work under her mentor, Raymond Holt, who was promoted to Deputy Commissioner for Police Reform.

Read more about Jake and Amy on the B99 Fandom Wiki.

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Welcome to TOIT NUPS, the fanlisting for Jake Peralta, Amy Santiago, and their relationship. Jake and Amy are two fictional characters from the popular US sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013-2021) created by Dan Goor and Michael Schur. If you love these characters and/or this pairing—affectionately nicknamed "Peraltiago" by fans—please consider joining the list.

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